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Asi de pesado By Blezaeta

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JOUR BLANC is a silk scarf label that was set up in 2013.

The name refers to a weather condition where the horizon disappears into the sky and all reference points are lost. The visual identity is a graphic representation of this phenomena, based on the reflection of the light & its path. 

Jour Blanc’s designs explore natural textures and elements. The journey starts deep within the core of our planet and ventures out through geological layers into the atmosphere. 

Fonts of the month: September.

As usual, here I bring you the best fonts released on this past month. September was a bit slow month in the typography scene but that doesn’t stop many designers of bring fabulous, good looking fonts. Since all this fonts have been released this month a lot of them have introductory discounts. You can check all the details clicking the name of the font you like:

  1. Nexa Rust (82% off)
  2. Harman (84% off)
  3. Factoria (70% off)
  4. Cervo (90% off)
  5. Core Escher (50% off)
  6. Hollyhock (free download ornaments)
  7. Uberschrift 
  8. Magma II (50% off)
  9. Orgon Slab
  10. Gibbs (50% off)
  11. Conto (free demo)
  12. Tansy (25% off)
  13. Nautica (30% off)
  14. Ridewell (20% off)
  15. Maker Aid (60% off)
  16. Uomo (80% off)
  17. Bemol (39% off)
  18. Estandar Rounded (70% off)
  19. Aguda (80% off)
  20. Halogen Flare
  21. Voga 
  22. Predy (45% off)
  23. Social Gothic
  24. Bango Pro (50% off)

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Reissue of the NYCTA Graphic Standards Manual 

Check the kickstarter video:

"Dedicated to Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda, and the Unimark staff."

Check the Kickstarter project here:  kickstarter.com/

Check the manual online: thestandardsmanual.com/

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Mondrian inspired Homer & Marge wine bottles  designed by Constantin Bolimond.

Principles of Design Poster by Efil Türk.

The turkey based designer named Efil has crafted a beautiful series of poster showing the principles of design only using paper. Cutting pieces of paper, juxtaposing the pieces, pasting geometrical shapes and using simple typography is the formula of this beautiful series. She mention that you can actually buy them.

Fonts of the Month: July.

As usual, this blog brings you the best fonts released in the past month. The summer bring us very high quality fonts, and it seems that the king of the trend still are the hand made fonts, the proof is the True North typeface by Cultivated Mind which was the best selling font in this month. Other interesting and innovative approach is Horizontes Script by Sudtipos, a sexy script font with a very low x height that makes it elegant yet readable. I can’t describe every of this 22 fonts so I really encourage you to click in the name of any of this font from the list and see all the details and every corner of these typefaces:

  1. True North (50% off)
  2. AmpleSoft (70% off)
  3. Loew (80% off)
  4. Filson Pro (75% off)
  5. Nemocón (50% off)
  6. Horizontes Script (30% off)
  7. Golos
  8. Kleide (75% off)
  9. Innervers Gothic (50% off)
  10. Adagio Sans (90% off)
  11. Adagio Serif (90% off)
  12. Adagio Slab (90% off)
  13. Chimphand (50% off)
  14. Core Sans D (80% off)
  15. MB Empire (75% off)
  16. Zilvertype Pro
  17. Sailec (80% off)
  18. Dawnora (50% off)
  19. Lichtspielhaus Handmade (50% off)
  20. Montague Script Bold (50% off)
  21. Finalist Round Slab (80% off)
  22. Brilant Typeface

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