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The Most Beautiful Metro Stations In The World.

Arrivals, departures, meetings, the clash of different people… Subway stations are more than just a central location for travellers. In fact, they represent the lively background for everyday life and drama while offering intimate insight: first a heartbreaking farewell, then a joyful welcome: a location that serves as a stage for personal plays. Here are some of the most beautiful Metro stations of the world (click on the name of each one if you want to see more): 1.Formosa Boulevard Station, Taiwan. 2. Rådhuset, Stockholm 3.Stadium Stations Stockholm 4.Elektrozavodskaya Station, Moscow 5.O’hare Station Chicago 6.T-Centralen Station, Stockholm 7.Westfriedhof Statoin, Munich 8.Marienplatz Station, Munich 9. Olaias Station, Lisbon 10.Drassanes Station, Barcelona . See the 15 most beautiful station here.