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The Abyss Table by Duffy London

This mesmerising table was first conceived by Christopher Duffy — and ultimately refined by the team at Duffy London — to represent a 3D geological map of an ocean floor. The Abyss Table makes use of contour lines, which are often used to denote topography in terrain maps, to render an island chain and ocean abyss.

Contour lines can be thought of as workaround for the 2D limitations of paper maps, but Duffy instead relished these simplifications which have become iconic imagery for the field of cartography. He incorporates layers of wood to represent the land, and panes of glass for the water, in order to produce a 3 dimensional geographical model.

(via Homeli)

BULBING: Versatile LED Lamps that trick the eye.

Isreali design atelier Studio Checha is behind this innovative LED lamp that tricks your mind into thinking it’s looking at a 3D object. BULBING is a 2D lamp created using 3D wire-frame images. By transferring those images onto 2D materials, through a laser machining process, your eyes become fooled. The changeable design is made from acrylic glass sheet and the base is made of plywood birch. The light is LED, giving it a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

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Batman bat-shaped bookshelf created by Kuala Lumpur-based crafter FictionFurniture

The bookshelf is made to order and comes in two versions: Classic Batman and The Dark Knight, and will make a great addition to any Batman fan’s home. 

Chairs by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera creates an homage to the artistic beauty and anatomical complexities of the animal kingdom.

Project (zip:per) by Korean design studio, The Zoom

Amy Dolan: Ziggy Sawdust

Amy Dolan is the creator and maker of Ziggy Sawdust. This Edinburgh based furniture re-design business provides one-of-a-kind, lovingly up cycled pieces of retro and vintage furniture. Have a look at the interview with Amy and photos of her workshop over on Future Positive.

Canvas by YOY

Tokyo-based design firm YOY transforms this fantasy into a reality. Canvas, a series of three navy ink paintings of French-style chairs, makes an illusion out of its subject. The elastic fabric of the canvas hides an actual chair waiting behind the painting, inviting onlookers to take a seat and become the spatial extension of the two-dimensional print. The simplistic elegance of the work seems to embody how easy it is to add a little flourish and whimsy into the throes of the everyday. 

A Table and a Seesaw in One

Dutch designer Marleen Jansen has integrated a seesaw into a table and created ‘De Tafel Wip’. 

The Table Seesaw is a two-seater table that makes leaving the table during dinner—and eating alone—physically impossible. 

Monobloc by Bert Loeschner

Shown above is Monobloc Rocking Chair and Monobloc Waterproof Chair.

UP Coffee Table by Duffy London design studio

Furniture by Boyeon Kim

If perception is subjective, then a table changes according to the beholder. Korean designer Boyeon Kim makes furniture to be observed from a very personal point of view. And she gives new meaning to atypical forms.

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk by Restoration Hardware 

Inspired by the gleaming nose cones and fuselages of mid-20th-century aircraft, the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk workstation from Restoration Hardware  is clad in a patchwork of polished aluminum panels accented with exposed steel screws.

Rock Chair by Färg & Blanche