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Work by Tom Balchin in the UK.

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by artist YDK Morimoe (Via)

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Sculptures by Aim The Forest

Under this mysterious name is hidden a talented artist from Cyprus named Yiannis Kofteros that has surprised us with his freshness. His illustrations seem like industrial maps and his sculptures, in an almost nuclear white, look like body parts that are ready to walk. Mixing successfully the organic and the industrial, he creates a successful artistic symbiosis. His pieces possess an extraordinary expressivity and especially when placed at exteriors, they manage to fit perfectly in the surrounding environment. His latest exhibition was named Edn project and caused a big sense in Athens. Kofteros, having Milan as a base, seems more than decided to contaminate the world with his hybrid creations. 

Photo © Photoharriei / Illustration © Aim the forest

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 ”I’m Starting to Feel Okay” 2006 by Stefan Marx

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Bobby Rogers

Graphite and Digital.

24” x 33”

Illustrations by Atelier Olschinsky. (via)

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'Blur' by Andre De Freitas

Drawings by Gregory Brellochs

Graphite on paper,
49 x 51 inches,

Bottom: FISSION,
Graphite on paper,
43 x 43 inches,

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