A collective attempt to inspire & stimulate.

Mind blowing paintings made with miscellaneous objects.

An outstanding artist Jane Elizabeth Perkins in her Plastic Classics art series, used many miscellaneous objects she found, like buttons, pins, clips, pen cap, plastic toys, LEGO pieces, key chain, keys, etc. She have re-created paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and made portraits of famous Albert Einstein, Queen of Britain, and Nelson Mandela.

The Tutu Project by Bob Carey.

The Tutu Project photographs are dedicated to help fundraise for the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer. The man in the photographs, Bob Carey’s wife Linda has battled breast cancer twice since 2006, and Bob started this project to raise funds and awareness. Print sales donate 20% of net proceeds to the Carey Foundation.

See the full gallery here: http://bit.ly/1bnH40s

2D Makeup Illusions by Alexander Khokhlov.

This artist use the faces as canvas and completely vanish all the shades on the faces of his models, to create beautiful compositions. See 10 of his best creations here: http://bit.ly/1kb8tri

Bodypaintings by Johannes Stötter

Johannes Stötter has done a fabulous job with this amazing body art exhibition. Look his best 15 breathtaking masterpieces here.

Conceptual Photography by Ben Heine

Portraits by Dima Rebus

Paintings by David Jon Kassan (on Tumblr)

Silhouettes by Brent Holloman 

With the arrival of our first baby girl there is one thing I hear all the time… “They grow up so fast.” So I decided to start a project where I can mark the stages of her growth by doing a silhouette of her each week for her first year (or as long as I can keep it going)

Water Wigs by Tim Tadder

Water Wigs is a dynamic set of images using exploding shaped water balloons lit with a triad of colors, to create incredible splashes on the heads of bald men. The result is interesting and arresting “wigs” of water.

Fish Heads by Tim Tadder

A series of underwater portraits using water surface tension to create beautiful textures surrounding the faces.