Install Theme

Turnaround by Vincent Kohler

An artistic project by artist Vincent Kohler focusing on the theme of the baseball bat, consisting of a collection of 30 baseball bats, shot in different woods and each with different shape. (via)

Forever Bicylces by Ai Weiwei

A brand new installation made from 1,000 bicycles created specifically for his upcoming exhibition “Ai Weiwei Absent” at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. (via)

Démolir-Reconstruire II by Aï Kitahara, 2009

Wood and paint — 53 × 30 × 25,5 cm

One piece

Courtesy Galerie Bertrand Grimont

(Source: mini-mal-me, via propa-gandhi-deactivated2012060)

Sculptures by Peter Gronquist

Top: Untitled (Gazelle),
Mixed media,
43 x 42 x 27 inches

Bottom: Untitled (Deer),
Mixed media,
57 x 47 x 28 inches

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