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Souvenirs by  Michael Hughes

The Souvenirs book has been beautifully designed and produced by fivefootsix in London. Featuring 20 photos out of the series including the most faved Flickr ones, Loreley and Twin Towers. It is 17cm x 12,5cm so the photos are in postcard format.

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Large Framed Papercuts by Peter Callesen

Silhouettes by Brent Holloman 

With the arrival of our first baby girl there is one thing I hear all the time… “They grow up so fast.” So I decided to start a project where I can mark the stages of her growth by doing a silhouette of her each week for her first year (or as long as I can keep it going)

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Health by mjayyheart

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Tumblr De Stijl. by byrn

The identity of a company, specially a web service, depends too much of its website layout. We don’t have to see logos or typography in order to indentify the company, sometimes just we need colors and position. That’s why I merge the website layout with the artistic movement: De stijl.

Also see: Facebook De Stijl

(Source: byrn)