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Aggravure III by Baptiste Debombourg

As part of an on-going series, artist Debombourg utilizes nearly half a million metal staples in the making of these murals inspired by drawings from 16th century engravers. (via)

Illustrations by Florian Nicolle

Iness, Lynn, Clovis and Audrey.

10,000 Origami Flowers by James Roper 

Artist James Roper  created 10,000 origami flowers - making, on average, ten per day, everyday, for three years of his life.

Roper received no outside help and he calls the beautiful, shape-shifting installation Devotion. “The title refers to the act of creating it itself as well as religious practices found in Hinduism, the repetitive practice of mantras and the flowers used in devotional ceremonies,” he says.

Roper coincided the whole project with the three years it took him to finish his degree and he installed the piece as part of his final degree show.

King of Limbs by Michael Molloy

Colored Pencil, Ink, Illustrator, Photoshop

Aqueous Fluoreau: Photos by Mark Mawson

“Created by photographer Mark Mawson, the Aqueous Fluoreau series has a sculptural aesthetic that gives it a tangible presence. From mushroom clouds to squid-like shapes, the forms created are ever changing and full of life. Relying purely on creation and imagination, the Aqueous Fluoreau series shows a range of possibility when it comes not only to photography, but to abstract art as well. Like Rorschach inkblots, this series also relies on interpretation.”

Giant tornado of piggybacked men  by Korean artist Do Ho Suh

This giant tornado of piggybacked men is an installation by Korean artist Do Ho Suh that is currently on display at Western Washington University .

“‘Cause & Effect’ evokes a vicious tornado. This vast ceiling installation is a composition of densely hung strands that anchor thousands of figures clad in colors resembling a Doppler reading stacked atop one another,” said Do Ho Suh, adding that the artwork is a “physical realization of existence, suggesting strength in the presence of numerous individuals. The work is an attempt to decipher the boundaries between a single identity and a larger group, and how the two conditions coexist.”

1 k 2280

Alphabet Pencil Sculptures by Dalton Ghetti

Hyper-Realistic Paintings by Hubert De Lartigue

The portrait is a classic theme in the world of painting. However, Hubert De Lartigue tries to create elements of surprise in each of his portraits, the way he crops them, the expression or the attitude of the models. But the power of the portrait lies above all in the look of the model, which is unique each time. All he has to do is underline the strength and the intensity.

Face Of The City series by Dan Bergeron

In his Face of the City series, Toronto-based artist Dan Bergeron (aka Fauxreel) examines the identity of cities by juxtaposing the “abrasive charm found in the distressed surfaces of modern cities with the intimate familiarity of the prominent features of the human face”.

Paintings by Alexandra Pacula

A series of paintings on very large canvases that are made to look like long-exposure photographs of hectic urban scenes, “the photos you might capture accidentally on your digital camera while using the wrong setting”. (via)

Wood sculpture by Gerhard Mayer

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Coca-Cola Light  by Moschino 

Coca-Cola bottle a makeover - its contribution to the Tribute To Fashion charity project for the Abruzzo Region, organised by Coca-Cola Italia in conjunction with the Municipality of Milan.

Decades of Time Split Into One Portrait by Bobby Neel Adams

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Renaissance Rocks by Enkel Dika