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The Leaving by Peter Madden, 2008

Auckland-based artist Peter Madden gleans found images from old encyclopedias, back issues of National Geographic, and nature books to create his dense and nearly psychedelic collages suspended in perspex, also known as ‘safety glass’. Of his work Madden says “I consider myself a ‘Sculptographer’; a ‘post-conceptual photographer’. A mediator between genres and dimensions, between you, the other and I. I suppose I am an altogether different collagist, maybe a collagist of difference.” To see much more of his three dimensional work, check out this gallery

Futur Coture by Matt Wisniewski.

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DIE (by Mark.Weaver)

Recreating Masterpieces with Flower Petals by Qi Wei

1. This piece is inspired by The Great Wave off Kanagawa (神奈川沖浪裏) (Veronicas, Hyacinths, Pom Poms, 2011)
2. Takes its inspiration from a traditional Japanese painting of a crane by Jakuchu ( Roses, Pom Poms, Hydrangeas, Heliconias)
3. Inspired by  Van Gogh’s famous Sunflower Painting 

Greville St Bookstore by Motherbird.

Vision Magazine

Fashion collaboration project with photographer Yin Chao and Editor Ujin Zhao for Chinese fashion magazine Vision. These collages are inspired by the work of the late Lee Alexander McQueen for a special edition issue about this talented fashion designer. Ashkan Honarvar has incorporated different aspects in this series that relate with the work of Lee Alexander McQueen. Like the fascination with animals and motion, but also showing contradictions between strength and fragility.

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Illustrations by Dana Aksinovits

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Sculptures by Aim The Forest

Under this mysterious name is hidden a talented artist from Cyprus named Yiannis Kofteros that has surprised us with his freshness. His illustrations seem like industrial maps and his sculptures, in an almost nuclear white, look like body parts that are ready to walk. Mixing successfully the organic and the industrial, he creates a successful artistic symbiosis. His pieces possess an extraordinary expressivity and especially when placed at exteriors, they manage to fit perfectly in the surrounding environment. His latest exhibition was named Edn project and caused a big sense in Athens. Kofteros, having Milan as a base, seems more than decided to contaminate the world with his hybrid creations. 

Photo © Photoharriei / Illustration © Aim the forest

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The Milk by Lucas Simões, 2010

10 photos cropped and layered between sheets of acrylic 
10 cut-out photographs and acrylic layers 
41 x 31cm

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