Install Theme

Batman bat-shaped bookshelf created by Kuala Lumpur-based crafter FictionFurniture

The bookshelf is made to order and comes in two versions: Classic Batman and The Dark Knight, and will make a great addition to any Batman fan’s home. 

Chairs by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera creates an homage to the artistic beauty and anatomical complexities of the animal kingdom.

Project (zip:per) by Korean design studio, The Zoom

Amy Dolan: Ziggy Sawdust

Amy Dolan is the creator and maker of Ziggy Sawdust. This Edinburgh based furniture re-design business provides one-of-a-kind, lovingly up cycled pieces of retro and vintage furniture. Have a look at the interview with Amy and photos of her workshop over on Future Positive.

Canvas by YOY

Tokyo-based design firm YOY transforms this fantasy into a reality. Canvas, a series of three navy ink paintings of French-style chairs, makes an illusion out of its subject. The elastic fabric of the canvas hides an actual chair waiting behind the painting, inviting onlookers to take a seat and become the spatial extension of the two-dimensional print. The simplistic elegance of the work seems to embody how easy it is to add a little flourish and whimsy into the throes of the everyday. 

A Table and a Seesaw in One

Dutch designer Marleen Jansen has integrated a seesaw into a table and created ‘De Tafel Wip’. 

The Table Seesaw is a two-seater table that makes leaving the table during dinner—and eating alone—physically impossible.