A collective attempt to inspire & stimulate.

Kiddie Arts by Telmo Pieper

Digital painted Creatures and stuff based on my own childhood drawings. I designed these creatures at the age of 4 and now reincarnated them with digital painting” - kiddie arts serie.


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365 Days of Type by Sabrina Smelko. A new custom designed number posted each day, from 1 to 365.

Flowers Illustration by Jershova (Jershovas’ Portfolio on Depositphotos).

Jershova makes beautiful patterns with watercolor and shapes of flowers, the best part is that you can download the highres files and use it in any creative way that you want.

See more of her work here: depositphotos.com/portfolio-1003573-st360.html

 SkyArt series by French artist Lamadieu Thomas 

Alvaro Sanchez

The Tattoo Colouring Book by Megamunden.

Packed with stunning illustrations, this unique colouring book celebrates the art of the tattoo. The tattoo designs all specially drawn for the book range from traditional motifs hearts, sailors, girls, skulls, roses to more elaborate compositions with a contemporary edge. It is a perfect gift book that will appeal to anyone who loves tattoo imagery or is looking for inspiration for their next piece of body art.

See more details here: http://amzn.to/18HjIIl

Animals From History by Christina Hess.

Artist and illustrator, Christina Hess paints portraits of pet animals as real life historical figures! Can you figure out which historical hero is being portrayed in each of these (between Marie Antoinette, Egypt’s Cleopatra among others..

See all the characters here: http://bit.ly/J9o5Ql

Doodle Invasion: Zifflin’s Coloring Book.

This big sized coloring book is a challenge for all ages.
If you are a fanatic doodler and obsessed with filling in and coloring doodles then this is definitely for you.
Or you can just admire the detailed art.
The book is filled with 50 unique and extremely detailed work of art by the master of doodles Kerby Rosanes.

Buy it here: http://amzn.to/1bHjufy