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Realist Paintings by Michael Peck

Michael Peck is an Australian realist artist with an immense amount of talent. His monochromatic paintings have powerful meaning and symbolism hidden within each piece that relates to the WWII era. “I think that this exhibition for me is really my way of exploring and trying to understand what happened in my grandparent’s generation,” says Peck .

The artist believes that all of the pieces entice different emotions and memories for different viewers. Therefore his paintings do not have one specifically obvious meaning. “I’m not trying to make my painting too scripted. I don’t want people to be like, ‘I know what he’s saying, I get it.’ I rather them connect emotionally. People come up to me and tell me their experiences and how a specific painting relates to them, memories from their past. They tell me the feeling that this painting gives them.”

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Keep Calm Art Print by Michael Flarup

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