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Quoting Time Lionel Fernandez Roca

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Panic Room by Tilt

Internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt created this eye-popping interior design work for the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France by dividing a room perfectly down the middle and covering one side completely with his trademark bubbly and vibrant graffiti, leaving the other half stark white. (via)

Karl Lagerfeld’s studio/library, Paris

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Franziska Sinn, Rooms 8: Suzie

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Project: Theurel & Thomas 
Architecture and interior: Anagrama
Address: Ave. Calzada del Valle 350-L17
, San Pedro
, Mexico

Project team: Sebastián Padilla, Mike Herrera, Germán Dehesa, Roberto Treviño, Gustavo Muñoz
Opening: October 2009


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