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Not Knot - A cable tidy that folds into a hard protective shell for cable heads, ear buds and volume controls. 

Not Knot is a cable tidy created by the Blue Marmalade design studio. Despite being less than 1 millimetre thick, when folded it creates a tough protective shell for your ear buds and in-line controls that you can wrap your cable around to shorten them to a manageable length for every day use, or while travelling.

Help make this product a reality by pledging to their Kickstarter: http://kck.st/1iVlQug

Reflected Landscapes by Victoria Siemer

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Fallen Princesses by Dina Goldstein

Vancouver Photographer Dina Goldstein created these amazing true-to-life Disney princess portraits. See the whole set of 10 disney fallen princesses here.

Flour Portraits (2011) by Luca Pierro

The works of Luca Pierro express a micro and macro cosmos,  where the figure of the artist, who is also the one who photographs,  forcefully enters the scene. The protagonist of the portraits is the same photographer. There are shots in his intent to escape the “already  seen “to” already done “. He explores new and unspoiled paths, from the point of origin of man himself, with the use of  natural elements such as: flour, land, water, clay and so on.  All elements that lead back to “Mother Earth”. For the artist is important the traceability of the material used to leave on the surfaces portrayed. 
The body becomes the vehicle of expression. The artist undermines the concept of  traditional portrait (beautiful) to introduce viewers to new dynamics. 
Offers us portraits full of meanings, sometimes with a strong provocation. Some of them put us in touch with the contemporary research in experimental theater. So the artist is able to establish with the viewer an involvement immediate and spontaneous. 
"His image, his body, they become expressive material," we see the real "Metamorphosis", with which he conveys his art. 
The colors used are essential.  The careful study of light evokes her strong spirituality. 
Represents a new and exciting proposal, a new study, which began long ago, the ancient land to the tensions raised by modern man, immersed in a in a culture dominated by technology.

The Tutu Project by Bob Carey.

The Tutu Project photographs are dedicated to help fundraise for the Carey Foundation for women with breast cancer. The man in the photographs, Bob Carey’s wife Linda has battled breast cancer twice since 2006, and Bob started this project to raise funds and awareness. Print sales donate 20% of net proceeds to the Carey Foundation.

See the full gallery here: http://bit.ly/1bnH40s

2D Makeup Illusions by Alexander Khokhlov.

This artist use the faces as canvas and completely vanish all the shades on the faces of his models, to create beautiful compositions. See 10 of his best creations here: http://bit.ly/1kb8tri

Orchid by Fabian Oefner

"Orchid" is the latest series of the "Paint Action" cycle, which is about modeling paint by natural forces. In this series, gravity created the structures seen in the images. 
A tank was filled with several layers of different colors of liquid paint with the top layer being either black or white. Then, a sphere was thrown into the paint. As the falling object splashed into the tank, the paint was forced upwards, shaping the individual layers of paint into a blossom-like structure. 
Similar to the other two series of the cycle, “Orchid” is about preserving ephemeral beauty. Photographed with high speed devices, these images capture structures of sublime elegance, which appear only for a fraction of a second before disappearing beneath the surface again.

Electrocuted Flowers by  Robert Buelteman

Photography series depicts flowers being electrocuted through a method called Kirlian

Sleeping Baby.

Artist Queenie Liao is the photographer and mom of Wengenn, sheturns her sleeping baby into artistic masterpieces. She shared this series with Business Insider.

See his 20 more cutest pictures here: http://bit.ly/1h1xIA8

Your Beautiful Eyes by Suren Manvelyan

Photographer Suren Manvelyan has put together a collection of close-ups of the human eye, which he calls ‘Your Beautiful Eyes’. It reveals a detail in color and texture that we never knew could exist inside of an eyeball. See the whole differente textures and color of the human eye here: http://bit.ly/1eCvG7p