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Porcelain pieces by Mel Robson

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'Cry About It' bandages from Urban Outfitters

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The Triangle Notebook by Tan Mavitan

Designed by Tan Mavitan, the Triangle Notebook has a smaller size which makes it easier and more convenient to carry around. With an unconventional triangular shape, this fun notebook opens up to a square for writing. Features 144 ruled pages and a durable black fabric cover.

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Lolli-pop by  Massimo Gammacurta

Lolli-pop is the latest conceptual still life project by Italian born photographer Massimo Gammacurta. His lollies are edible icons, he handcrafted each one with real hard ball candy. The brands are as sweet as candy for the palate and the eye. The brand association has in fact been replaced by a new meaning through the materiality and the abstract action painting dynamic gestures.

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Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done Notebooks 

Calling your to-do list by another name isn’t going to change the way you feel about it. Whether it’s your “Honey Do List” for stuff around the house or a “Productivity Schedule” for the office, in your mind everything gets filed under the same list: Shit I Gotta Fucking Get Done. Just be honest and call it what it is. Uncensored and unapologetic, this handy little notebook helps you keep track of the shit you gotta fucking get done.

Available as:
2-Pack pocket notebooks.  3.5 x 5”.  32 lined pages.
5 x7 Wire-bound notebook.  100 lined pages

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POPBottles  by Anna Utopia Giordano

Bicycle by Dominic Hargreaves 

You can watch a video of the bicycle in action, here.

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Coke bottes by Andrew Kim


How could you design a bottle to be more sustainable? “It’s pretty ballsy to redesign one of the planet’s most iconic shapes and completely blow it out of the water. Last we checked, Coke’s bottles were some of the most recognizable objects on earth, and so powerful when it came to branding that in 2008, Coke transformed the capsule-like two-liter bottle into the same sexy curves. But dare we say design student Andrew Kim has created a concept that’s equally powerful, all in the name of sustainability.” - Fast Company - via ldbeme

Rock Chair by Färg & Blanche

Intuitive LED clock by Vadim Kibardin

Vadim Kibardin created this clock containing only figures with no casing. Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface. A light sensor will switch the clock to white at night time and black at daytime.

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Milk packaging by Julien De Repentigny and Gabriel Lefebvre.

Cast Lights by Snarkitecture, 2011

Brooklyn-based firm Snarkitecture has created the Cast light series made of white gypsum cement. Each lamp in the series is consist of a single lamp cast within a solid volume of gypsum. Hand made and individually cast, each lamp in the series is a unique object and comes with different voids that reveal and conceal light. According to the designer, “A single bulb can be used as a nightstand lamp or accent light, while multiple bulbs can be arranged together to create a larger fixture. Available as incandescent, fluorescent or LED bulbs, each Cast Light comes ready to plug in with a simple switched black cord and porcelain socket..”

LED or CFL light bulb, white gypsum cement
5” x 5” x 5” (H x W x D)

See more images here

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Nine Letter Words (Rubik’s Cube Revisited) by Kasper Sonne

In Kasper Sonne’s work ‘Nine Letter Words (Rubik’s cube revisited)’ each of the cubes six sides contain a word of nine letters. However, after applying the individual letters by hand and in complete privacy, Sonne obscures the meaning of his chosen words by changing the cube around – leaving it up to his audience to try and solve the puzzle.

2.3 X 2.3 X 2.3 IN.

The Polaboy – Art by Day, Light by Night 

LIGHTBOYS are a pair of product designers and craftsmen who have been working on the idea of a light picture for the past few years. The result is POLABOY, a frame that illuminates and immortalizes your favorite Polaroid based memories.

Instead of letting your Polaroids languish away in that scrapbook you rarely look at anymore, the company will reproduce the warm retro feel of yesterday’s analog photography by expanding your photos onto 35 or 42 inch wide prints that are interchangeable in the POLABOY LED lighted frame.

To launch the POLABOY concept, the team have joined forces with Colette and curated a selection of photos by friends of Colette, the likes of Matt Jones, Todd Selby, Mark Borthwick, Olivier Zham and Terry Richardson, amongst others. Check them out at Colette. (via SLAMXHYPE)