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Ordinary Behavior  by Kevin LCK

Artist and illustrator Kevin LCK works almost exclusively in black and white, so it comes as no surprise that as he’s ventured into sculptural objects the aesthetic has remained the same, while the dimensions clearly haven’t. In his new series Ordinary Behavior the artist builds dioramas into everyday electronic objects made from cardboard such as a computer, camera, and iPhone. 


Batman bat-shaped bookshelf created by Kuala Lumpur-based crafter FictionFurniture

The bookshelf is made to order and comes in two versions: Classic Batman and The Dark Knight, and will make a great addition to any Batman fan’s home. 

Reborn 001
 by Y Studio

Collection of desk lamps made from old cameras

(Source: cosascool)

Prototypes by Patrick Strattner

(Source: cosascool)

Black Light by Diana Dumitrescu

Fire Lamp by Kevin Champeny (tumblr)

16” diameter
300+ cast soft rubber bullets
light w/switch