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Sculptures Made From ‘Magnetic Clay’ by Jolan Van der Wiel

Magnets might hold mysterious appeal for some, but for Jolan Van der Wiel, they’re just another tool. For the past few years, the Dutch designer has been experimenting with magnetism to shape and create objects like violent looking stools and futuristic couture dresses.

His most recent investigation, Architecture Meets Magnetism, has led him to create a series of ceramic objects that look like Tim Burton got a hold of a kiln. Like Van der Wiel’s previous projects, this process begins by mixing metal with the core material. In this case, he created a slip (a mixture of clay and water) and added metallic powder like iron. The ratio is typically 90 percent clay, 10 percent metal. From there, he pipes this mixture through a nozzle, layering it on itself like icing on a cake. As the group of surrounding magnets take hold, the material is pulled into shape and dries like a spiky Hershey’s Kiss.

(via Wired)

Sculptures by Alain Bellino

1 k 90

Black Forest. Sculpture by Wilfrid Wood. 40cm high, polymer clay.


Mariella Mosler - Untitled (2010)

Mind blowing paintings made with miscellaneous objects.

An outstanding artist Jane Elizabeth Perkins in her Plastic Classics art series, used many miscellaneous objects she found, like buttons, pins, clips, pen cap, plastic toys, LEGO pieces, key chain, keys, etc. She have re-created paintings like DaVinci’s Mona Lisa, and made portraits of famous Albert Einstein, Queen of Britain, and Nelson Mandela.

Juliette Bonneviot: Minimal Jeune Fille.

PET Woman I, II, III (2013) by Juliette Bonneviot made with plastic sheets.

Sculptures by Aron Demetz

Chairs by Maximo Riera

Maximo Riera creates an homage to the artistic beauty and anatomical complexities of the animal kingdom.

Greek gifs by Zach Dougherty ( tumblr)

"Sea of broken glass" and "Porto" by Claudio Parmiggiani.

Courtney Timmermans 

Animals sculpture by Arran Gregory

Handmade Fantasy Creatures Sculpted by Ellen Jewett

  1. Petal deer
  2. The Fox’s Curiosity
  3. Lady Coyote
  4. Octopus with fish

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'Maestrale' by Mario Ceroli, 1992


 ‘Projecto Nuvem’ by Argentinean artist Eduardo Coimbra